Knowing Your Social Style Can Make Leadership Easier!

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Knowing Your Social Style Can Make Leadership Easier! Listen to this podcast to find out more!  #leadership #socialstyleKnowing Your Social Style Can Make Leadership Easier

Sometimes leading a homeschool group means you are working with people who are very different from you.

They want to socialize and you want to get a meeting started.

They want to discuss every possible option and you want to make a decision.

They want to hurry up and vote and you want to make sure everyone has input.

How frustrating!

In today’s episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, host Carol Topp explains what she has learned about social styles.

Social styles are based on research and classify people into four quadrants: Analytical, Driving, Amiable and Expressive. The quadrants are based on our tendency to be more assertive or responsive (the horizontal axis) and our tendency to be emoting or controlling.




In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, Carol Topp will share:

  • What is a social style
  • The 4 types of social styles
  • How knowing your social style can help you have a better meeting
  • Understanding others’ social style makes teamwork easier


From visiting and viewing their videos I know I am a Driving personality. Driving people are results-oriented, don’t like things that waste time, and prefer getting to the point and staying on target. They prefer others to show respect for time by sticking to a schedule.

But another board member is the Amiable style who tends to move slowly with less time discipline. They want time for small talk and socializing before moving to the matter at hand.

That pretty much conflicts with my desires!!

What to do?

Well, I need to learn to adapt to her style and maybe tone down my driving style a bit. Hear how I did that in the podcast.

Maybe you can adapt what you learn to your next homeschool board meeting. Tell us about it on the I am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook group!


Featured resource

Another tool to help you run a smooth and efficient board meeting is having an agenda. The Board Manual for homeschool organizations has sample agenda for you to use. I think you’ll find it helpful to organize your board and run your homeschool organization successfully!

The Homeschool Organization Board Manual has:

  • A list of important documents to keep in your binder
  • Section dividers so you can organize the important papers
  • Tools to help you run your meetings smoothly including
  • A sample agenda that you can use over and over again
  • A calendar of board meetings

But this is more than just a few cover sheets for your binder. It is also a 55-page board training manual with helpful articles on:

  • Suggested Board Meeting Topic List
  • Board Duties
  • Job Descriptions for Board of Directors
  • What Belongs in the Bylaws?
  • Compensation and Benefits for Board Members
  • Best Financial Practices Checklist
  • How to Read and Understand Financial Statements
  • Developing a Child Protection Policy

Read more about the Homeschool Organization Board Manual

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