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last minute Christmas prep | Let’s get organized with last minute ideas and 4-point planner. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschoolLast Minute Christmas Prep or any Holiday -Episode 315

Let’s get organized with last minute holiday prep! Felice shares her 4-square planner and hints on how to get it all done! Take a breath…you’ve got this!

Whatever holiday you are gearing up for you know there is not enough time in the day to get just the routine chores completed. Holidays sneak up upon us!

Take a deep breath and start with prayer. This time of the year we often feel like we are on overload.

I just watched an episode featuring Dr. Oz who talked about holiday stress as over 88% or something similar. And it is for the reasons of adding holiday prep to our already overloaded schedule. He said some interesting things and I think it is important to list these because stress has a part in our ability to cope. And, when we are trying to finish some last minute shopping whether it is food prep or gift shopping the ideal is to try to minimize stress.

He listed the following things.

  1. Sleep is important.
    1. No drinking 2-3 hours before bed. Drinking alcohol can inhibit good sleep
    2. If you drink, drink water after every alcoholic beverage
  2. Take a deep breath.
    1. Basically, like a timeout.
    2. (Author aside: Oxygen to the brain helps blood flow and helps us think!)
  3. Try not to stress holiday eating.
    1. Eat healthy whenever possible
    2. Eat before you go to a party – use the party for social interaction
    3. Make foods that are healthy
  4. Holiday playlist
    1. Songs that are uplifting
    2. Songs that get you into the Christmas mood

All of these things are a good thing, but in addition, it does help to plan. As always I use my 4-Square planner. This planner helps to put things in perspective. So, the way I divide my planner is faith – kids – school – household. And, closer to the event, in this case, Christmas my planner will look a bit different: Party Theme / What is On Hand — Do Ahead – To Buy – Day of the Event

This overall list helps me so much!

If you want to print out copies go to and look for episode 315 – Last Minute Christmas Prep!

First is the Theme – in this case, it is Christmas. What do you have on hand? In my case I have tablecloths, napkins – I use this year-after-year. I have clear plastic plates left over from Thanksgiving that I will use for appetizers and serve dessert. I have all the utensils and serving trays, etc.

4-Square Planner #vintagehomeschoolmoms #homeschool 4-Square Planner #vintagehomeschoolmoms #homeschool


Do Ahead:

Cleaning the house.

Make casseroles – green bean casserole, lasagna, mashed potatoes, gravy mix, rolls.

To Buy:  Turkey, ham, potatoes, green beans.

Day of the Event:

Pray and celebrate Christmas!
Breakfast. Make breakfast (other members of the family are in charge of clean up!)

The time we are eating our main meal:

Time to put the turkey in the oven:

Time to take out casseroles before baking.

Time to bake the casseroles.

Once casseroles go in I serve appetizers. (Or one hour before casseroles)

This planning allows me to relax if that is possible just knowing I have a plan makes everything go so much easier. Knowing what you need to do and when helps tremendously and seven days ahead of the event I have a list of each day and what needs to be completed.

Make this year the best ever! I pray you have a Blessed Christmas and that you enjoy the holiday with family and friends. I’ll be posting our Christmas Eve Tradition podcast next week!

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