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Last Minute DIY Entertainment Tips | In this episode, I share my favorite last minute DIY entertainment tips with you. The best thing? #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #diyentertainmentLast Minute DIY Entertainment Tips

Episode 238

Are you ready? It is time for last minute DIY entertainment tips! In this episode, I share many of my favorites with you. The best thing? No matter if your kids are young, small or grown these ideas will work for all ages. Add your favorite beverage and you are all set to go…and it won’t break the bank! What is your favorite last-minute DIY entertainment tips? Share them with us.

Show Notes: Last Minute DIY Entertainment Tips

1. Now is not the time to get creative – we are talking last minute. Use tried and true recipes.
2. Appetizers are a great asset for early comers – things like:
a. cheese cubes
b. crackers
c. bruschetta – sliced baguettes
d. humus/ salsa and pita chips
e. fresh fruits
f. spinach dip
e. salad on a stick – cucumber, green or black olives, yellow/red peppers, cherry tomatoes and cubes of your favorite cheese. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar or leave plain.
3. Fresh flowers – cut them short and stick them in small vases – spread around the house.
4. music – holiday channel with yule log on tv or have one of your kids make up a holiday mix and you can play this in the background
5. activities for kids – whether it is an ornament they can stick together, popsicle stick pilgrims, or a scavenger hunt (keep them running and outdoors if possible) – prizes can be glow sticks. I keep these in bulk on hand for when the kids leave and they love them.
6. Candles – always festive even if you don’t light them – one year I found them on sale at Joanne fabrics after bridal season – they are whites, pales yellows – that go with everything. I just add greenery for Christmas – and fall leaves for autumn.
7. Fondue – whether it is cheese for appetizers or chocolate for dessert it is always fun.
8. Make dessert mixes ahead – for example, I make pumpkin pie mix and freeze it – I do use fresh pumpkins, but when I thaw it out it is ready to go – you may need to cut back on the liquids – I always do. I scoop out ice cream ahead in balls and freeze. I make cookie dough ahead and freeze/ refrigerate.
9. Dipped strawberries are a hit. It makes any party festive and it is loved by adults and kids.
10. Disposable plates

Use cloth napkins, to use, again and again, homemade napkin rings – took plastic round shower curtain hoops and covered them with ribbon – etc.

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