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Last Minute Holiday Prep | Countdown time is here! Now for some last minute holiday prep ideas. While I agree, everything homemade tastes better, but it isn't always possible with our hectic busy school and holiday schedules. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcastLast-Minute Holiday Prep – Episode 383

Countdown time is here! Now for some last minute holiday prep ideas. While I agree, everything homemade tastes better, but it isn’t always possible with our hectic busy school and holiday schedules. What is a parent to do? In this podcast, Felice shares her tips with you.

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The countdown is on and it is time to get those last-minute things on your list or begin your mega-shopping for the items you need. Through the years I began to build slowly and ramp up my holiday celebration but in the beginning, I tried as much as possible to keep it simple. If you downloaded the holiday planner you have all types of recipes and tips to help, but here they are in a nutshell.

Look at how much time you have. Is it days or a week before the meal? If you haven’t baked everything from scratch it is okay – you have my permission to buy ready-made. I can’t make all the homemade bread I use to bake, on top of keeping up with all the day-to-day. When I did bake bread everyone was home and we would take one day to dedicate to our baking and freeze many bags to take out at a moment’s notice! If you still want to bake, go for it! Just be sure it is not causing stress.

Last Minute Holiday Prep For those traveling:

First, if you are traveling be sure to pack way ahead. Once you do this, your subconscious mind will think about things you forgot. If you are bringing a covered dish or dessert, remember you are traveling. My brother offered to make a smoked turkey and bring it, we’d have to heat it up. Instead, we decided he could bring the sweet potato casserole and banana bread which will travel well.

Remember, the kids can help! After all most of what we do means we have little ones underfoot. If you can have another friend over to help watch the kids and bake extra for your friend to take home! It is a win-win. If you have older children enlist their help.

For those hosting the meal.

The basics of any meal are the main course and the sides. You do not have to get carried away with sides keep it to two or three items max. In this day of gluten-free and allergies, it is good to know what your guests can eat. I keep some things in my freezer to make it easy. For example frozen zucchini noodles. I can heat these up quickly. Or, frozen chocolate cupcakes that are gluten and dairy-free. These can be taken out and defrosted.

Here are my freeze ahead options: Mashed potatoes and pureed sweet potatoes. I label with a sharpie the ingredients needed. Frozen sliced apples with sugar and cinnamon. I defrost the bag, add the other ingredients and bake it in a pie crust. Green beans are steamed and frozen, ready for the casserole. I have frozen broccoli, mixed vegetables and of course the frozen zucchini spirals I mentioned earlier. If you do not have a freezer full of frozen pre-made food it is okay to buy pre-made at the store or leave enough time for baking the day of. I always had my desserts ready ahead of time. They keep well. I will not use all of this food for the meal – but I have options depending on if I need to pull out more food.

Each holiday I server lasagna that has been made – dare I say it? For months! It is a family favorite and it feeds a bunch of people! Baked ham is also reasonably priced and feeds a large group of people and typically little children like the ham. Whatever you do keep in mind that accidents happen! No, I haven’t burned a turkey but one year it seemed to take forever to cook.

A quick day of the feast is to keep breakfast simple. Lunch can also be simple with snacks. We tend to eat mid-day because the prep takes longer than a noon meal and family travels from different places and goes back home on this day. I have appetizers (again think simple – fruit, veggies and dip, cheese, crackers, trail mix) ready and prepared ahead of time. The things I bake – wrapped gouda in crescent roll dough is even prepped ahead of time and in the refrigerator ready to bake.

The last tip is to love your family, hug your kids and have some games, puzzles, and activities for the kids to do. Play the thankful game with family and friends, and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday, and may the love of God be with you and your family always!




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