Learn tech skills with passion led projects

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Learn Tech Skills With Passion Led Projects.

248: Learn tech skills with passion led projects

Today’s episode explains how to learn tech skills with passion led projects. Use topics your children are interested in and integrate tech to create a meaningful project.

Ideas on how to use tech to gather information for the project

  • online research
  • surveys through Google forms
  • store data on a spreadsheet; create graphs
  • take digital photos
  • organize information using a tool like Evernote (or OneNote)

Ideas on ways to present a passion led project

  • video (animated Powtoon), filmed, Canva, slideshow saved as mp4, Stop motion animation, My Simple Show, screencasting (Loom or Screencastify)
    • choose your own adventure using Google slides or other tools
    • infographic or digital poster (Canva)
    • podcast
    • website (Canva etc)
    • digital book (Storyjumper)
    • online game / interactive website using Scratch or Flippity

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    Learn Tech Skills With Passion Led Projects.


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