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Learning Challenges Episode 390

If your child has learning challenges sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.  In this episode, we will discuss ways to help your children succeed with a special interview with Beth Ellen Nash creator of the Wings To Soar Online program.

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As an educator, our special guest Beth Ellen Nash found that after tutoring, assessing and, consulting with hundreds of families she realized she wanted to teach children and began Wings To Soar.  From the first school of education class that she taught, she knew the need to do education differently. She wasn’t going to fit in the traditional system because education needs to be personalized.

Wings to Soar symbolizes repairing the broken wings the eagle is their logo. That soaring eagle is a symbol of hope. Every student can really soar and reach their fullest potential when a learning path is created that’s tailored to the child’s unique needs to allow them to gain the skills and confidence and really thrive, not just survive.

What makes Wings To Soar Online Academy different for those with learning challenges?

  1. Online. We find that we’re getting more gains through our program.
  2. We typically see a year and a half to three years gains in a student in their reading and that first school year.
  3. The brain needs time to work on building skills.
  4. And with our online program, it becomes affordable. Most families can’t afford five days a week of tutoring. But with an online program, roughly the cost of one tutoring session a week equals  24/7 access. You can spread it out over whatever amount of time you need.

How do you assess learning challenges?

  1. Start with free assessments.
  2. We back down to each child’s level and find where they are and we fill in the skill gaps.
  3. We bump up the time and intensity at just the right level for them. So they’re experiencing success, but we’re not backing away from the subject. That’s hard. We’re moving toward it at a place that’s successful for them.
  4. We aim for success.

We partner with the parents, we see the parent as our co-teacher to help with whatever portion of the curriculum is right for the family. If they just need a reading and language arts with us, that’s all we provide. If they need extra coaching, extra supports built-in, we build that into their package. So, as far as I know, we’re one of the only personalized school online school that specializes in intimate. We specialize in helping to fix dyslexia. Any child can benefit from our personalized approach to learning. But our specialty is working with kids with dyslexia. And that’s pretty unique as far as I know.

About the free assessment to gauge learning challenges:

  1. Want to make sure it’s a good fit before we’re signing people up.
  2. There’s a mom questionnaire on the website and this will take about 10 or 15 minutes for mom to fill out because I really want to get a thorough picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the child and just as mom’s perception, cause mom’s pretty smart.
  3. Then there is an online assessment with the student.
  4. If the family’s interested, we do a two-week jumpstart we have built and ramp-up the week so that they can start trying out their personalized path, the success learning plan and, ease into the program making sure all the programs that we’ve chosen for them are really a good fit.

Wings To Soar Online Academy works with twenty-five different online programs. Beth Ellen has evaluated over 200 programs and narrowed it down to the twenty-five that we feel do the best in a variety of specific subject areas. And based on those initial assessments, a personalized plan is created for each student. There might be ten minutes working on vocabulary with the segment that’s the strongest match for the student. Another ten minutes working on spelling on a program we’ve chosen to match that child.

Listen to this audio for so much more about Wings to Soar Online Academy and Beth Ellen Nash.


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