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Learning with Little Ones Around, Podcast #051, with Meredith CurtisLearning with Little Ones Around with Meredith Curtis, Podcast #051, speaks to teens who are wondering how on earth to get any schoolwork done with their noisy brothers and sisters around. Meredith goes on to speak to teens (and their parents) about how to establish quiet school hours (with parents’ help), how to learn more by imparting knowledge and wisdom to younger siblings, and how to learn with younger children in family and co-op settings. You will see younger brothers and sisters in a whole new way.





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Show Notes

So often, I talk to teens who are struggling to get their schoolwork done in a bustling home filled with younger siblings. My own older children struggled with this issue.

Examples of specific problems and solutions to helper teens in big families get their schoolwork done in a stress-free situation.


How do you we view our younger siblings? As a gift? Or as a burden?

Getting God’s perspective on why you have younger brothers and sisters. God places us in families to bless us, prepare us, and fill our lives with joy.

How to change your heart toward your siblings.

How to be a Hero

God calls you to be a hero to your younger siblings.

Example of virtue, love, and courage

Extending grace, mercy, and help

Teach Younger Children

One of the best ways we can learn material is to teach it to someone else. You have a captive audience at home.

What to teach.

How to teach.

Examples in our Life Skills courses.

Learn with Younger Children in Co-op

We always have one or two classes in our homeschool co-op that are age-integrated (babies to seniors in high school).

Why we do it.

Where did age segregation come from? Why is it harmful?

How to learn with little ones in a group setting.

Serving younger children & allowing younger children to serve you.

How teens can impact younger children and change the world

God bless you.

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