Learning to Say No

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Learning to Say No - with Talking Mom 2 MomDo you find yourself saying “yes” and regretting it as the word leaves your lips? Are you being crushed under the weight of obligations and commitments? Learn how to freely say yes and feel good about saying no. Avoid burning out and continue to be a blessing to your family and those around you.


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  1. Oh, Richelle, I learned this the hardest way!
    I burned out completely 2 years ago and ended up in the hospital several times. The time my husband had to call 911 and I was in critical care paralyzed from head to toe, couldn’t talk, couldn’t move… only to find out later that it was a panic attack caused by all the exhaustion and stress I carried on for years! This led me to depression and I confess that even my marriage almost went down the drain. I lost almost everything! I had to step back from being a full-time pastor, lost my online business, lost my health and I still cannot function even half the capacity I used to. I couldn’t work for over a year and we suffered terribly financially because of that.
    My blog started as a mean to reach out to moms in hopes that I can help them not to burn out like I did.
    Thank you for sharing this message! I pray many many moms will listen to this and do what it takes to turn their lives around. We need to learn to say no and stop overflowing our plates with commitments God never told us to take. Not every opportunity is our assignment. We don’t need to fill every hole. We need to stop the hustle and learn to be still.
    Little by little, by the grace of God, I am rising from the ashes and I don’t desire this to anyone.
    Thank you again for this podcast episode. You nail it!

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