Let’s Meet Dr. Von Grauvogl

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This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, we are going to continue to meet some of the wonderful homeopaths from the past.Let’s Meet Dr. Von Grauvogl

This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, we are going to continue to meet some of the wonderful homeopaths from the past.  Eduard Von Grauvogl 1811 – 1877 MD was a German physician who converted to homeopathy. He became the first homeopath in Finland, and the President of the Central Union of Homeopathic Physicians in Germany.

We learn from Von Grauvogl how important the Science of homeopathy was.  His Work on the Three Constitutions is a scientific work that takes us deeper into the question, “Why does one homeopathic remedy work for one person and not another” and why does this remedy work for this person and not this person.”

Grauvogl described three constitutions, endomorphic, mesomorphic, and ectomorphic, or hydrogenoid, oxygenoid and carbo nitrogenoid constistutions, and he was an advocate of high potency remedies.


Von Grauvogl wrote:

A Textbook of Homeopathy (Text Book Of Homoeopathy, Parts 1-2; Text Book Of Homoeopathy; Eduard Von Grauvogel Eduard von Grauvogel, Geo E Shipman, American Foundation for Homoeopathy, National Center for Homoeopathy)

The Homœopathic Law of Similarity
And he submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and conducted provings of many remedies, including Lapis Albus,

And in his many writings, he worked to prove homeopathy by Science.

We owe much to John H. Clarke for his work to preserve the writings and work of Dr. Von Grauvogl in his book:

With especial reference to The Three Constitutions of Dr Von Grauvogl.
by John H. Clarke

Von Grauvogl, knew that homeopathy worked like, and being a man of science, was always seeking the “proof” so to speak.  His work with the Constitutions takes us to the constitution of individual person and the content of their blood.

It was Von Gravogl’s teachings from the Three Constitution booklet by John H. Clarke that led to the addition of Natrum Sulphuricum to James Compton Burnett’s V.a.c.c.i.n.e. Clean-up titled: “Vaccinosis and It’s Cure by Thuja”

The World of Homeopathy is in great part due to the work of Dr. Von Grauvogl and other wonderful research Doctors like him.

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