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Are you one of the many parents who is so worried about possible “holes” in your children’s education that you busy yourself with academics to the point of burnout?

Have you lost the enjoyment of everyday family life because of the mistaken idea that learning must take place strictly through curricula and academic pursuits?

Do your children lack the time to pursue the things they love because “doing school” is more important?

One of the secrets of education is that it is happening everywhere, in everyday life, often without our awareness.

So just what exactly is Lifeschooling? In a word, it is about freedom. But here is a more complete definition:

“Lifeschooling is the individualized process of discovering your child’s God-given gifts and talents through real life experiences that happen within the context of your family’s unique situations and missions.”

On the Life as a Lifeschooler podcast, Danielle Papageorgiou will seek to explore this definition in all its aspects, and to bring exposure to the educational value of the simple things we do every day with our children. In this podcast, she will interview other lifeschoolers, as well as popular homeschool leaders to discuss the idea of lifeschooling and what it looks like in various family situations. Some of her favorite guests are the “homeschool pioneers” who educated their children quite differently than according to the traditional model…wisdom that has been largely forgotten in today’s homeschool culture.

Danielle has been homeschooling, or “lifeschooling,” for 14 years and started the biennial Lifeschooling Conference in 2016. She has a passion for helping other homeschoolers learn how to homeschool in a way that does not compete with family life, but actually enhances it and draws out each child’s unique gifts.

Her desire is to see more families set free from the world’s expectations of what education is and to discover that God has made each family unique and has also placed in each of their children special gifts and desires that He wants to use. The verse that guides the Papageorgious in their pursuit of lifeschooling is Matthew 6:33, “But seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL these things will be added to you.” (Emphasis mine).

Won’t you come join us as we return to the “ancient paths” (Jer. 6:16) of education and explore this idea of “lifeschooling” together? Experience the freedom to live life as a lifeschooler!

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Life as a Lifeschooler Episodes

Best of Life as a Lifeschooler: Unhurried Homeschooling with Ana Willis

We hope you are enjoying your summer break!  Here’s one of our best episodes to brighten your summer day:  What a joy to chat again with my friend, Ana Willis! Ana calls herself an “unhurried homeschooler,” giving a nod to one of her (and my) homeschool mentors, Durenda Wislon. (Both Durenda and Ana will be […]

Character as Core Curriculum – Kathie Morrissey

On this episode, I talked to pioneer homeschooler Kathie Morrissey of The Character Corner. Kathie’s heart is that character be the “core curriculum.” I’ve been following her blog for a year or so and I’ve really loved learning from the wisdom she shares. Kathie is a true Titus 2 woman! One of my favorite resources […]

Lifeschooling and Books – Konur Papageorgiou

I always love sitting down and having a good chat with my son, Konur. I feel blessed that we connect so easily on so many topics and this boy is wise beyond his years! On this episode, I wanted to talk with him about his lifeschooling journey in general, and then specifically talk about what […]

Homeschool Bravely – Jamie Erickson

On this episode, I talk with Jamie Erickson about her book, Homeschool Bravely, and how moms can learn to overcome their fear in homeschooling, trusting that God will complete a good work in their children. Jamie Erickson taught elementary school before becoming a mother. When her first child turned five she made the decision to […]

Unhurried Homeschooling – Ana Willis

What a joy to chat again with my friend, Ana Willis! Ana calls herself an “unhurried homeschooler,” giving a nod to one of her (and my) homeschool mentors, Durenda Wislon. (Both Durenda and Ana will be speaking at this year’s Lifeschooling Conference!) Ana is the unhurried homeschool mom of 3, wife, health coach, social media […]

Schedule or Routine?

Do you follow a segmented schedule, complete with time slots, or more of a routine in your homeschool? Or perhaps you relate to Christi’s description of a “rhythm”! On this episode, Christi Deason joins us once again, this time to discuss scheduling. While scheduling is definitely not natural for either of us, Christi talks about […]

The Joy of Relationship Homeschooling – Karen Campbell

On this episode, I talk to one of my new favorite pioneer homeschoolers, Karen Campbell, about relationship homeschooling! Interestingly, I went to college with Karen’s daughter, Mollie, but didn’t know her very well and had no idea she had even been homeschooled. After connecting with Mollie on Instagram recently, I saw a few of her […]

Prioritizing Relationships in Your Homeschool

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.   Christi Deason joins the show again, this time to chat about the importance of prioritizing relationships in the homeschool. We talk about the two priority […]

Co-ops: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What makes homeschool co-ops good? And what makes them bad or downright ugly? Are there certain things that we should look for when we try to find a co-op? On this episode, veteran homeschooler Christi Deason and I tackle the issue of homeschool co-ops and try to answer these questions. When Christi was homeschooling her children, […]

Favorite Homeschooling Books – How Tos

On the last episode, Favorite Homeschooling Books – Philosophy, we look a look at some of my favorite homeschooling books related to educational philosophy. If you missed it, be sure to go back and have a listen! It is important to form our own beliefs about education and develop/refine a philosophy. Now I want to […]

Favorite Homeschooling Books – Philosophy

There’s just something about winter that lends itself to reading. It’s that time of year for comfort food, a favorite hot drink, and curling up by a fire with a good book. There are even cultural traditions centered around reading during the winter months. In Iceland, they celebrate something called Jolabokaflod, or “Christmas Book Flood.” […]

Lifeschooling with Boys – Hal and Melanie Young

On this episode of Life as a Lifeschooler, I talk with Hal and Melanie Young about their homeschooling/lifeschooling journey and about what that looked like with boys. Hal & Melanie are the award-winning authors of Raising Real Men, My Beloved and My Friend: How to Be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses, and […]

Lifeschooling and The Arts (Part 2) – Lorina Harris

(There is a bit of an echo in this recording. Apologies!) In part 2 of my interview with Lorina Harris, we focus more on what their own homeschool looks like. We start with a discussion of the importance of art with regard to academics. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts actually boosts test […]

Lifeschooling and The Arts (Part 1) – Lorina Harris

Episode 23 Lorina Harris is married to her husband, Cornelis, and they have two children that they have homeschooled for 18 years. Originally from Queens New York, Lorina has had the pleasure of being raised seeing great art in the museums and galleries, of NYC. Lorina started and completed her baseline year at the University […]

Missions, Movies, and Lifeschooling (Part 2) – David Cook

On this episode of Life as a Lifeschooler, Danielle wraps up her interview with David Cook, a former MK who was homeschooled and now works in the Christian movie industry. David grew up on the mission field in Spain. A homeschool graduate, in 2001 he started working in media, both radio and television in Spain. […]

Missions, Movies, and Lifeschooling (Part 1) – David Cook

On this episode of Life as a Lifeschooler, Danielle talks to David Cook, a former MK who was homeschooled and now works on many of the Christian film sets. David grew up on the mission field in Spain. A homeschool graduate, in 2001 he started working in media, both radio and television in Spain. In […]

Mentorship and Lifeschooling – Craig and Deana Thompson

One of the most inspiring and impactful ways to help educate our children is through mentorship. On this episode of Life as a Lifeschooler, I had the opportunity to talk with Craig and Deana Thompson, who have helped each of their children through an intense and amazing mentorship program that Craig designed for them. Craig and […]

Living Books and Lifeschooling – Michelle Miller Howard

Today we are talking to Michelle Miller Howard, author of TruthQuest History. For over 20 years, Michelle has been a librarian, home-education consultant, author, columnist, and speaker, specializing in top-quality living books, educational vision, and history instruction.  It began in 1985, when she pioneered, funded, and acquired a library of such rare children’s literature, which […]

Cancer and Lifeschooling – Barbara McCoskey

Recently I had the lovely opportunity to combine our kids’ movie planning meeting along with a podcast recording session with my dear friend and cancer survivor, Barbara McCoskey! What fun lifeschooling as we all worked together on our projects (and the little kids played in the pool as we watched from the window)! Barbara and […]

The Best Option: Homeschooling – Sam Sorbo

At the recent International Christian Film Festival in Orlando, FL, I sat down with actor and model Sam Sorbo, whose book on homeschooling, They’re YOUR Kids: An inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate, has had a positive influence in encouraging moms that not only can they homeschool, but that it is, in fact, the best option when […]

The Homeschooling Movement and Lifeschooling – Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne, regular conference speaker and author of numerous books, joins me on the show to discuss lifeschooling and the homeschooling movement in general. Having been involved in the movement since its inception, Israel has a unique perspective that is always enlightening. His personal stories will be an encouragement to other parents, as even veterans […]

Chronic Illness and Homeschooling – Tricia Soderstrom

Have you ever felt sick and miserable, but still had to push through a homeschool day? What about every single day? Tricia Soderstrom ( shared with me how she and her children survived homeschooling for many years with chronic illness (Lyme disease). Once again, we talk about the faith element in homeschooling and how when […]

Unhurried Homeschooling – Durenda Wilson

For this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Durenda Wilson, author of The Unhurried Homeschooler, a mercifully short book on homeschooling, and Unhurried Grace for a Mom’s Heart. I just love Durenda’s heart for unhurried homeschooling and her passion for helping moms learn to trust fully in the Lord with their children’s education. I know […]

Seeking God’s Leading through Fasting and Prayer

On today’s show, I will share with you my journey seeking God’s leading through fasting and prayer, and why I believe it is such an important spiritual discipline for Christians to develop. I am no spiritual giant by any means! But God has taught me much through fasting and prayer, and I started 2018 with […]

Self-Sacrifice in Lifeschooling – Dr. Jill Butryn

How much self-sacrifice would you be willing to practice? Would you give up a six-figure career in medicine to be “just a mom”? My friend Dr. Jill Butryn did just that. She went from a practicing MD to a present mom. Listen to one of our most popular episodes, this inspiring interview about how the […]

From Public School Teacher to Lifeschooler – Tina Hollenbeck

On this episode, I had the privilege to talk to my new friend Tina Hollenbeck, the researcher behind The Homeschool Resource Roadmap, about her journey from public school teacher to home educator. Tina’s experience shows that even those on the tighter end of the scale when it comes to schedules and routines can successfully lifeschool their […]

Raising our Children in Light of their Gifts – Chris Davis

Chris Davis without a doubt has had the biggest influence on my own homeschooling. God providentially led me to his blog years ago and I have never forgotten his analogy of the acorn in this blog post. It is what set me off in a different direction, with the necessary confidence to go against the grain […]

Pursuing Gifts Through Lifeschooling – Konur and Elleina Papageorgiou

I won’t even try to pretend that Konur and Elleina are not my favorite guests so far! A mom has a right to such bias! 🙂 What a fun interview talking with my kids about pursuing gifts and how God has allowed them to do this in lifeschooling. How we carry out the lifeschooling vision […]

Schoolhouse Rocked! Lifeschooling on the Road with the Hamptons

Garritt and Yvette Hampton talk about their unconventional lifestyle homeschooling on the road while filming a documentary called Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution. How do they homeschool in a tiny travel trailer while traveling all over the country? Find out in this episode of “Life as a Lifeschooler.” Garritt and Yvette Hampton, along with their two […]

Lifeschooling for the first year: Meet the Robinsons

John and Jennifer Robinson join us at the Home Business Conference in Huntsville, AL on today’s show to talk about their first year “lifeschooling” and what they learned. John and Jennifer attended the 2017 Lifeschooling Conference, where they learned to see home education as a freeing opportunity and felt the Lord confirm in their hearts […]

Alphabet Smash and Lifeschooling – Christina Brown

I was privileged to talk to friend and author Christina Brown about her homeschooling journey and why she created Alphabet Smash, a wonderful resource for preschoolers that focuses on one letter at a time and brings in multiple activities from various subject areas to teach the child about that letter and it’s sound. Christina is heavily involved […]

The Principles of an Excellent Education – Kevin Swanson

Kevin Swanson of talks with me about the principles of an excellent education and particularly the aspect of life integration, which is central to the lifeschooling philosophy. We also discuss what should be the core curriculum of every homeschool: The book of Proverbs. Kevin Swanson runs the Generations ministry in Elizabeth, Colorado. He was homeschooled by […]

Entrepreneurship and Homeschooling – Rhea Perry

Some children are better suited for a path in entrepreneurship that does not necessarily require a college degree. On today’s show, Rhea Perry (speaker at our 2016 and 2017 Lifeschooling Conferences) shares the wisdom she applied in homeschooling her son, who became a millionaire entrepreneur by early adulthood and brought his father home from corporate America. […]

College and the History of Homeschooling – Dr. Mary Hood

Today we’re joined by Dr. Mary Hood who shares with us about the history of homeschooling, as well as her thoughts on college. Mary Hood, Ph.D., along with her husband, Roy, homeschooled their five children all the way from kindergarten through college entrance. All of them are now adults, and have made a successful transition […]

Character Training in Lifeschooling – David and Jason Benham

For this week’s podcast, Christi and I had the privilege of interviewing the Benham brothers, David and Jason Benham, former pro-baseball players and almost-stars on the cancelled HGTV show, “Flip it Forward,” as well as the authors of two books, Whatever the Cost and Living Among Lions…and of course, homeschooling dads, as well! We talked […]

The Philosophy of Lifeschooling

Danielle Papageorgiou and Christi Deason discuss the homeschooling philosophy of lifeschooling and share some real life experiences of what that has looked like in their individual families. Lifeschooling is the individualized process of discovering your child’s God-given gifts and talents, primarily through real life experiences that happen in the context of your family’s unique situations and […]

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