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Life Skills | With the advance in technology many major, must-know life skills are forgotten. In this episode, we roll up our sleeves and discuss the important life skills you kids must learn. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #lifeskillsSpecial Replay:  Must Know Life Skills – Episode 343

With the advance in technology many major, must-know life skills are forgotten. In this episode, we roll up our sleeves and discuss the important life skills you kids must learn.

With smartphones, there is ready to access information on any imaginable topic – yet our children are at a disadvantage without this handy tool. By life skills, I don’t mean foraging in the forest to hunt and gather, better known as survival skills.

Here is my list and please add to this with your own ideas:

Personal Life Skills


  1. Convictions – Why you believe what you do
  2. Can you articulate your belief to others
  3. Can you defend your beliefs
  4. A hard look at your faith – and your relationship with Jesus


Communication – Verbal and Non-Verbal

    1. The ability to explain what you mean in a few words
    2. To be respectful and allow others to speak
    3. To listen when others talk and answer the question
    4. Cell phone etiquette – and oral communication
    5. The eyes and posture tell what you think

Critical thinking

    1. To realize that we must think for ourselves – but our parents have our best interests at heart!
    2. To realize that everything we read online is not a truth
    3. The ability to make decisions and solve problems
    4. How to resolve a bad decision
    5. Consequence

Control of Self and Opinion

      1. Everyone does not have to agree with you
      2. Everyone who does not agree with you is not wrong
      3. Allow others to have an opinion however know the difference between opinion and fact
      4. Anger management
      5. Stand by your convictions and know that “your own truth” or “he that defines the term wins” is just talk to make you doubt that you can have convictions.
      6. Self-awareness
      7. Empathy for others

Coping with Stress

    1. Daily stress happens how do you handle it?
    2. What are good ways to cope?
    3. What are bad ways to cope?
    4. How can you have less stress in your life?


Practical Life Skills

    1. Cooking, cleaning, hygiene and taking care of yourself.
      1. Make a sandwich or an entire meal.
      2. Do laundry.
      3. Plan a grocery trip and meals – comparing prices
      4. Clothing shopping and sales!
      5. Personal hygiene and why
      6. How to clean a house – a room!
      7. How to change a light bulb or do simple home repairs
      8. Order at a restaurant
    2. Money management
      1. (Allowance or earn money) – Save – Spend – Tithe
      2. Checking or savings accounts
      3. Understanding credit and why it should be avoided
      4. The difference between credit and debit
      5. Planning for the future
      6. Understanding household budgets
      7. Cost of goods – home, car, food, clothing, etc.
    3. Education and Learning
      1. Are you self motivated?
      2. Where do you find your information?
      3. Do you know about primary sources and what this means?
      4. Can you teach yourself? How?
    4. Writing
      1. Communication in the written form
      2. How to address an envelope
      3. How to write a nice email – or what should be in an email.
    5. Directions
      1. Can you follow a GPS
      2. Can you use a map?
      3. Do you know your general directions (N – S- E – W)
    6. Transportation
      1. How do you go from place to place
      2. Do you understand busses, subways, etc. if you are in a big city?
      3. Do you know how to maintain a car?
      4. Change the oil – or the tires?
      1. Insurance
      2. Social security cards
      3. Medication and things that do not mix
      4. Drinking / Driving etc.
      5. What doesn’t go in the microwave
      6. Cars and carbon monoxide





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