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Lifeschooling | She'll explain what it means to teach your children in a manner that is natural and allows you to discover your children's strengths and develop them in your family. #podcast #homeschoolpodcastLifeschooling — Episode #323

In this episode, we talk about lifeschooling with podcaster Daniele Papageorgiou. She’ll explain what it means to teach your children in a manner that is natural and allows you to discover your children’s strengths and develop them in your family.

Special guest Daniele (pronounced “De-Neal”) Papageorgiou is a podcaster on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network! You can find her show here. She podcasts about Lifeschooling. That is the topic we’ll discuss today. She also runs the — visit her online and subscribe to learn more.

Instagram – @Lifeschooling_family
2. No Return on Amazon 

Show Notes: Lifeschooling

What is the definition of lifeschooling?
Lifeschooling is the individualized process of discovering your child’s God-given gifts and talents, primarily through real-life experiences that happen within the context of your family’s unique situations and missions.
Proverbs 16:9 — A man plan his ways and the Lord directs his path.

Lifeschooling Early Years

The early years of homeschooling are more natural and the children learned with the right opportunities that are presented by their parents.
It sounds like a more relaxed approach. Is it similar to unschooling?
Unschooling is child lead where lifeschooling is parent lead. It is good to have plans and a schedule, “man plans his ways,” but the Lord directs his path. If something comes up – you can help the neighbor or life events that happen in every day.
Look at everyday life and see where the opportunities come from — there is still education and academics.
Do you use a specific curriculum for lifeschooling?
Every family has a different approach. Daniele does not use a curriculum yet prays about what she wants to teach.
Daniele’s daughter wrote a book that took her several years and research to complete.
No Return was the name of the novel she wrote.
How do you think parents can find their children’s gifts within the parameters of lifeschooling.
Lifeschooling brings out their gifts, and part of this is observing and giving them opportunities — places they can go and try something new and looking for specific skills – ask how they enjoyed different activities and go from there.
Prayer is pivotal and God has a specific purpose for each of our children.
On a practical level, what has lifeschooling looked like in your home? Listen to this episode as Daniele shares details.


  1. I really wish you had transcripts of your shows available. The topics look so interesting, but sitting and listening to a podcast is just not do-able. Even a computer generated transcript would be a great start : )

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