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limited language

Limited Language Limited Mind with Jean Burk and your host, Felice Gerwitz

What is the importance of a good vocabulary? How can you increase your vocabulary? What is a fifty-cents word? Or what about communicating effectively? The English language is dying and in this episode Jean shares how her children participated in writing books that contain a great story as well as some of the most used words on the SAT test – are you ready to learn vocabulary the easy way? Join us!

Jean is the award-winning author of college prep genius – the no-brainer way to get free college. She is a FOX News contributor as well as making many other appearances on television and radio networks on the topic of the SAT.




Show Notes:

  1. Linga-files – the College Prep novels – Here
  2. State of the union – no politics here
  3. Vocabulary and it’s importance


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