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Literature in Your Homeschool | Family Renewal Podcast on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

Literature in your Homeschool and Family Reading

a Family Renewal Podcast with the Waynes.

Do you pay close attention to the type of literature you teach, read, and learn in your homeschool?

Israel discusses literature and many other topics on his website Christian Worldview (dot) net. 

Join Israel Wayne every month as he discusses life, theology, Christian Apologetics, education, family and cultural issues from a Biblical worldview. Israel is an author and conference speaker who often speaks at homeschooling conferences, and churches, as well as marriage and parenting seminars.

Finally, the information he teaches around the nation will be available to listeners like you. Each broadcast will be about a half hour and will feature interviews and thoughtful commentary from Israel and his guests.

A production of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network


From his new book, “Education, Does God Have an Opinion”…

Review from Teach Them Diligently,
“The biblical worldview should be applied to all aspects of education. This is why Wayne spends the second part of the book applying the biblical philosophy of education to the curricula and subjects that children ought to study. He has a chapter devoted to each of the following: logic, math, science, philosophy and apologetics, social studies, art, language arts, literature, history, and government.”

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