Living Books Library – Episode 81

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Building a Living Books LibraryLet’s Talk About Living Books Library

Are you interested in collecting living books? Have you wondered how to set up a living books library in your area, or where you can find the nearest one? Michelle Miller is today’s special guest and she shares her years of experience with you. Michelle is a “pioneer” in this area and shares her expertise with you. She  has built an extensive library and teaches others how to do this as well.

Information about beginning your own living books library.




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Show Notes:

Recap on Living Books – Listen to Podcast here

Beginning a living books library

The type of books that make good additions

Information about an organized online group to help

Libraries no longer have worthy books.

Felice, maybe we could do another show about my living books library, how it was formed, and how others may wish to begin such an endeavor.  I work with women around the country who excitedly embrace the idea when they hear of it, often having longed to do such a thing, but not knowing it was possible.  I am part of an online loop that can help women get started, and the need is very great, as most public libraries no longer have worthy books, sadly.  As far as any of us in this sphere know, my library is the first “pioneer” of this, which I say in case it assists you in presenting the info with credibility.  I have funny stories about book-collecting, and have written articles for TOS magazine on this topic that were humorous and enjoyed, thankfully.

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