Living Books – Episode 77

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LivingBooksLet’s Talk About Living Books with Michelle Miller of Truth Quest History

What are living books? Do you use them in your curriculum? Michelle Miller has an amazing story, not only is she a homeschool mom but she is the author of the Truth Quest History Curriculum. She collects books, and has an extensive knowledge about books! She even owns a living book library – podcast on the topic to come!

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Michelle Miller – Truth Quest History

Show Notes:

Here are some of the topics we covered in this podcast.

How can we tell if a book is “living?”  What should I look for when shopping?

Why are modern books so different from most “living books?”

Can “living books” be a significant part of my homeschooling, or are they just for “after hours?

How can I interest my children in “living books,” when they are accustomed to modern books that emphasize photos and factoid blurbs?

How do “living books” affect a child’s spiritual, personal, relational, and moral development, not just their info absorption?

What are your favorite sources of “living book” recommendations?

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