When You Lose Your Junk (with Ashley Smoot)

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When You Lose Your Junk - with Ashley Smoot and the Real Kathy LeeToday’s show was full of honesty. We covered some topics that have come up from conversations with moms over the past couple of months. First, we chatted about how and why we ALL lose our JUNK with our kids sometimes. You know what I mean. Those times when you yell, freak out, and act like a lunatic at them. Please tell me, you have had those moments too. I totally have lost it with my kids, too many times. I share my suggestion to look inward and try and reflect on the why? If I am being honest, I usually lose it because I fail to prepare, communicate, or take necessary steps to avoid the conflict. Both Ashley and I shared a personal story of losing our junk and what we learned afterwards. I always suggest asking your children for forgiveness and own your part in the situation.

After we had some online therapy during the podcast about losing our junk, we discussed some other issues that had been brought up recently. We talked about what to do when you feel completely overwhelmed and how to deal with unrest between the adults in the home. In the end, I think we noticed that we mentioned the words, rest, grace and forgiveness a lot. Pretty sure, it is because we all need those things to survive this parenting thing. Thanks for listening. If you have topics you would like for me to discuss or people you would like to hear from, let me know.

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