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weight lossLosing Weight – with Sue Meyer

Have you battled with weight gain? Are you overweight? Sue talks about general body weight, losing weight, what is healthy, what is not; and gives you common sense ways to get and then maintain a healthy body weight. No promises are made in this audio that you will lose weight, it is for information only and Sue shares her personal experience with you. Results vary from person to person.

Weight Loss and Body Weight Show Notes:
All the world seems to care so much about the perfect body weight. From a health standpoint, there are a few slightly different standards. In this podcast, Sue Meyer talks about trying to get to and maintain a healthy body weight. She discusses some of the things and foods she considers to be wise choices, and she things she suggests things to avoid. Common sense talk for real people, in the real world.

For more information about Sue Meyer and her travel schedule visit Sue on her website here.

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