I Love Homeschooling…But I’m Totally Burned Out – HIRL Episode 39

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Homeschool BurnoutLet’s be real folks! It’s February and the mid-year homeschooling doldrums can hit any of us. One of our listeners sent us a great email with five questions all about homeschool challenges and wanting to throw in the towel.

As we read through the questions he asked, we decided to combine all of them into one podcast and return  to a popular theme and call this episode, I Love Homeschooling But I’m Totally Burned Out. Don’t be confused. You may think this is an episode for just the homeschool moms, but moms and dads alike are going to relate to the questions and discussions.

As we answered his questions, we also turned our microphones onto other loyal listeners and asked three seasoned homeschool moms how they survive homeschool burnout in their home. These moms did not disappoint! Their answers were terrific and timely as we all approach midyear burnout in our homeschool  classrooms.

Episode Timeline
2:12 – Introduction – The Fluff!
10:30 – Question 1 – Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel and put the kids in public school?
18:33 – Question 2 – Has mom ever been burned out?
24:35 – Question 3 – Has there ever been a disagreement about the direction of your homeschool between mom and dad?
33:28 – Question 4 – What do you do with lazy kids?
37:33 – Question 5 – Has dad ever needed to step in and stop the direction of the family? Academically Socially?

Show Notes:

Guests: Michele White, Kari Clark, and Cheryl Pitt

Intro clip: Wipeout by the Surfaris – We encourage you to purchase this directly from iTunes

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  1. Hi Fletch and Kendra! I really, really am encouraged by your show. And I like the fluff! 🙂
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    bless you guys!
    ~Rochelle Senti

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