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love, joy, peace, and exerciseLet’s Talk About: More Love, Joy, Peace and Exercise

Let’s Talk! IT’s time to get down to basics – we all want more love, joy, and peace – but what about exercise. That is a hard one for me, exercise is the last thing on the list for me. I’m surrounded by family members that do some type of physical fitness or training, every day. My participation consists of being supportive, until now. I’ve learned that love, joy, and peace can all be improved by exercise. Join me today as we discuss this topic.

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Show notes: Love, Joy, Peace and Exercise 

  1. The connection between how you feel and what you do.
  2. Exercise – hidden connections
  3. Planning – how to juggle being a busy homeschool mom with a few minutes to feel better

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  1. Candace Dayaz says

    Great podcast! I think that exercise is so far on the back burner for a lot of moms. It’s so important to take care of yourself too. Thanks for sharing!

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