When Your Kids Make You Angry – MBFLP 189

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We all have to deal with it – there are days when the kids drive us crazy, or even, just one kid pushes us a little too far. What do you do when the anger rises? How do you deal with mad feelings? Is it okay to express our frustration … or should we bury it instead? This episode, we’re talking about anger and what we do with this powerful emotion …



  1. Doesn’t seem to be working. Plays 10 second commercial, though there’s 34 minutes on the podcast, and then stops after the commercial. I’ve downloaded it, opened another window.

  2. Thank you Hal and Melanie, Thank you for being honest about the real struggle that you face with anger. There are not too many Christians openly confessing their sin. We are sinful, and we are a needy people. God is gracious. What do you do when you have a child who consistently doesn’t follow through with what is expected of them? This child has me in a state of constant frustration. I have been forced to make his life miserable because his consequences just pile up throughout the day. What do you do when the child just doesn’t get it? I am tired of this constant state of frustration.

    • It sounds like he needs more connection, instead of correction. Get down to his level, take a calming breath. Say ” hey buddy, you seem really angry but hitting hurts, what can we do instead ect…offer cuddles, problem solve and offer to help, when kids “misbehaving” they are asking for help in their special way! Cuddle him and give him grace!
      Ahaparenting.com is a great website, there is a great group on face book called gentle parents unite to help you too

  3. This was a helpful podcast and I took copious notes.
    I outright confess I have major anger issues. Something not mentioned are medical conditions that make it more difficult to control, though I know that’s not typical for everyone. Having no thyroid, 2 autoimmune thyroid antibodies that still cause symptoms, chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance, I could go on… some things that help me to have more anger control is having enough sleep (again put aside the screen) and good control of my blood sugar. However, when I’m symptomatic, teeny noises that aren’t bothersome in the least, can trigger immediate rage from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds flat no matter what. I’m not diminishing God’s word in the least , but taking good care of our body is important as well.
    Thank you for an excellent podcast. God seems to be leading me from bible study to His word to podcasts, etc, just nurturing me in His love and mercy regarding this sin I hate!

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