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270: Magic School AI

In  this episode we explore a new resource called Magic School AI, which can be used by homeschoolers to help their children retain and understand concepts, and provide engaging ideas for lessons.

In this episode we look at the tools for teachers (ie would be used by the homeschool parent). Next week we will look at the tools for students

Here are the Magic School AI tools mentioned

    • Text Rewriter: Rewrites text in different styles (humorous, matter-of-fact, ironic, etc.)
    • Question Generators: Creates questions based on YouTube videos or text input
    • Rubric Generator: Generates rubrics for writing assessments
    • Student Work Feedback: Provides feedback on student work based on grade level
    • Text Summarizer and Text Leveler: Summarizes and adapts text to different grade levels
    • Song Generator: Creates songs on any topic and tune
    • Text Proofreader: Checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity
    • Unit Plan Generator: Generates unit plans
    • Math Story Word Problems: Creates word problems on specific topics
    • Jeopardy Review Game: Generates Jeopardy-style review games with answer keys
    • Vocabulary List Generator: Generates vocabulary lists for specific topics
    • YouTube Video Summarizer: Summarizes YouTube videos
    • Real-World Connections: Suggests project ideas for real-world applications
    • Science Lab: Provides experiments and instructions using readily available materials
    • Data Table Analysis: Generates data tables and analysis questions
    • SAT Reading Questions and Practice Tests
    • AI-resistant Assignments: Creates assignments that are more resistant to AI-assisted cheating
    • Choice Boards: Generates lists of project ideas for students to choose fro

Here is the song about Simple Machines that Magic School AI generated

Simple Machines Wonderland

(Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews)

Pulleys and levers and inclined planes too,
Wedges and screws and wheels turning through,
Gears that are meshing and helping things lift,
These are the simple machines – what a gift!

Like a seesaw that goes up and down,
Or a wheelbarrow moving dirt through the town,
A flag pole so tall with a pulley on top,
Simple machines make our work never stop.

From a doorknob turning, to a key in a lock,
All these examples are part of our stock,
Ramps for the wheelchair or for loading a truck,
Simple machines are amazing, oh what luck!

So remember these tools that make work a breeze,
In our simple machines wonderland, if you please,
They help us each day to make tasks less tough,
Simple machines – we can’t thank them enough!

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