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271: Magic Student AI Tools

This episode covers the Magic Student AI tools  from Magic School, following last week’s episode ( (Episode 270 – Magic School AI)) on the teacher tools.

Magic School Features to Explore

  • New Google Chrome extension to easily access the tools
  • New YouTube channel explaining how the different products work
  • Can  create a classroom to control which tools students have access to

Magic Student AI Tools Discussed

  • Chatbot for students called Raina (not found very helpful)
  • Writing feedback tool (fantastic for getting feedback on student writing at different grade levels)
  • Research assistant (disappointing results)
  • Create a skit tool (fun for generating skits based on provided characters/scenarios)
  • Step-by-step tool (provides step-by-step instructions for any topic/task)
  • Literary devices tool (gives examples of literary devices based on a provided scenario)
  • Joke creator (jokes not very good)
  • Study bot (helps guide students in what to study for a test)
  • Study habits tips
  • YouTube video summarizer
  • SAT reading practice test
  • Chatbot builder (create a custom chatbot on a specific topic)
  • Character chatbot (roleplay as a literary character)
  • College/career counselor
  • Rap battle (super fun to have historical figures rap battle each other)
  • Book suggestions tool
  • Coding assistant
  • Debate partner (odd/not very useful)
  • Email writer (generated overly long emails)
  • Make Relevant (explains why a topic is relevant to real life)
  • Real World Connections (connects topics to the real world)

Here are the lyrics for the Rap Battle I generated

Round 1: Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, here, dropping beats, not bombs,
From the peanut farm to the White House with calm.
Habitat for Humanity, building homes for the poor,
Eradicating diseases, who could ask for more?

Negotiating peace, like it’s my prime mission,
Camp David Accords, now that’s a vision.
Energy crisis and inflation, I faced it head-on,
A Nobel Peace Prize, yeah, I won one.

Round 2: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, the greatest, no dispute in the ring,
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, I bring.
Champion of the world, not just once, but thrice,
Against injustice and war, I didn’t think twice.

Rumble in the Jungle, Thrilla in Manila,
My fists do the talk, couldn’t be any realer.
Fighting for Civil Rights, stood against the norm,
Converting to Islam, sparking a reform.

Round 3: Jimmy Carter

Building hope and fighting disease, that’s my creed,
With diplomacy and compassion, I lead.
Solar panels on the White House, I was the first,
For renewable energy, I have an unquenchable thirst.

From Iran hostages to energy laws,
I dealt with it all, never paused.
A farmer, a governor, then a prez,
Always serving the people, yes, that’s my jazz.

Round 4: Muhammad Ali

I dodged the draft, said no to the war,
My fight was here, with poverty and more.
An Olympic gold medal, I threw it in the river,
For a country that practiced racial sliver.

I talked the talk and walked the walk,
For civil rights, I was the rock.
Philanthropic efforts, long after the ring,
Ali, the People’s Champ, forever the king.

End of Battle

Two giants from history with very different battles,
One fought with words, the other with rattles.
Carter and Ali, both champions of peace,
Their legacy and lessons will never cease.

So who wins this battle, it’s hard to say,
They fought in the ring and the world in their own way.
Let’s celebrate these heroes, from sports to the senate,
Their courage and conviction, limitless, infinite.



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