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making money from homeLet’s Talk About Making Money At Home with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #176

Making money at home has never been easier…or harder. The options can be overwhelming. Do you know your passion? What is the right business for you? In this podcast, we discuss options and ideas for starting your own part-time job, from home.

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Show Notes – Making Money At Home

Criteria: Look at your Season – Sales of products/ franchises / MLM

  1. Younger: with little kids
    1. Home parties
    2. Essential oils, or housewares/ make-up
    3. Socialize, meet people, make money
  2. Busy Mom: Looked for products w/ least amount of work
    1. Had to love the product
    2. Wanted to earn points/ sales to get free product
    3. Recruit others
  3. Mom of Teens: Looked for products with great growth potential – something that can scale
    1. Had to love the product – see value and benefit
    2. Needed to see almost immediate results
    3. Great income potential

Rules – When you should start a home business?

  1. Only if you are caught up on everything else
  2. If you have your spouse’s support
  3. If you are passionate about the product/ service
  4. Bandwidth – We run out of energy and time, especially homeschool moms – so it is important to figure out how much time it will take and your ability to keep up
  5. To make money – notice this is last. IT will come, every single venture I’ve worked has made money, but I stay with the things that I am passionate about…

Finding Your Passion –

  1. Blogging:
  2. Service:
  3. Product:
  4. Sales:


  1. I am interested in DoTerra ?

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