Making the Sale. Tips for your Micro Business. Dollars and Sense Show #24

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Show #24 Making the Sale. Tips for your Micro Business.

In this podcast, Carol Topp offers tips to micro business owners on how to complete a sale with a customer.

runningmb_medThis information is covered in more detail in Carol Topp’s book  Running a Micro Business

Many sales are lost because the sales person never asks the customer to buy. That’s seems unbelievable, but it is true. A business owner can spend a lot of time creating a sales presentation and marketing material, but never bring the customer to the point of actually making a purchase.

There are several techniques you can use to move from a sales pitch to completing a sale including asking questions and using forms.


Ask leading questions

  • Would you prefer _________ or ___________(you show different products)?
  • What is the best day to _____________(offer your service)?
  • When would you like me to start?
  • How many ___________ do you need?
  • Would you like to see a price list?
  • Can I get you an order form?
  • What questions can I answer?
  • Would you like me to do ___________ next?

Put paper in their hand

Use an order form, price list, registration form, agreement of services (engagement letter). I use for order forms. I also collect names and emails on my order form.

What to Do if the Customer Doesn’t Seem Interested

  • Ask if you could give a demonstration or a sample. Say “Would you like to see how this works?” “Would you like to taste a sample?”
  • Provide additional information by asking, “Do you have any questions?”
  • Ask if they would like a flier, brochure, or price list. Try to leave something in their 
  • Ask if they have a friend or neighbor who could use your service. 
Always be polite and thank them for their time or for listening to you, even if they say no. They will remember your politeness and may contact you in the future.


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