Mary the Mother of Jesus: A Life Fully Surrendered to God

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A Life Fully Surrendered to GodEpisode #25- Mary the Mother of Jesus: A Life Fully Surrendered to God

We begin our study of historical figures in the New Testament with one of the most famous women in world history, whose child grew up to change the course of history! Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is an extraordinary example of a life fully surrendered to God.

It’s unknown when Mary was born. Though we know that it was close to the period in history when the calendar changed from B.C., meaning “Before Christ,” to A.D., Latin for Anno Domini, meaning “in the year of our Lord.” In fact, it was Mary’s first-born son, Jesus Christ, that ushered in this time change!

Mary was a Jewish girl who lived in the obscure northern town of Nazareth. From the tribe of Judah and the royal line of David. That’s all that seems to be known about this young lady until she enters the Bible’s pages. However, there must be a reason why Mary, of all the virtuous Jewish girls, was chosen for this wondrous yet difficult task she was about to be asked to undertake. The Bible tells us that God judges not on the outward appearance but that He looks upon the heart. Therefore, one can assume that Mary must have had a pure and faithful heart for the Lord to be called to be the mother of the long-awaited Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Just as Mary was at the beginning of Jesus’ life on earth, she was also present at his first miracle that marked the start of His earthly ministry. Later, she would witness his crucifixion, Christ’s ascension to Heaven, and she was among the 120 baptized in the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost.

Listen in to discover more about this remarkable woman, chosen by God to care for and nurture our Lord and Savior, and what important lessons we can draw from her incredible example.

On the next episode- Be sure to join us next time on the History for Christian Teens podcast when we take a look at an extraordinary adoptive father who made an eternal impact.

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