Math was Easier When it Was Just Letters!

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Podcast #20

Math was Easier When it Was Just Letters? What does that mean? Mr. D has lost it again! Or has he? Mr. D sees it the other way around. Math was easier when it was just letters, then someone added numbers.  What if students understood the concept and then did examples.  Think of how many times have you or a young person wondered; “What does π equal?” While most people say 3.14, that is only approximately what π is equal to. During this podcast Mr. D will give you a great math experiment you can do at home and discover exactly what π is equal to.  By the end of this podcast you will also be able to solve this problem.  “A rectangle has a perimeter of P.  What is the length L if the rectangle if the width is W?” You will see why letters in math teach concepts of math, while numbers provide practice sometimes leaving out the concept!

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