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Are you ready for math the easy way? Enjoy my special guest Pat Murray – he’s been a math teacher and coach for more than thirty-six years.Math The Easy Way – Episode 435

Are you ready for math the easy way? Enjoy my special guest Pat Murray – he’s been a math teacher and coach for more than thirty-six years.

And would you believe that Over that time, the programs and courses Pat and his company developed have helped students and families numbering in the tens and hundreds of thousands in more than seventy-two countries. So no matter where you live this information is accessible!

Pat and his beautiful wife Maree live in Sydney Australia, have 10 children, and 7 grandchildren – soon to be 8 (next month).

So, we are going to delve into seven of the most valuable tips for teaching math to kids –of all ages. I was amazed that your math programs have one low cost for a year, per family and it covers grades 1 through high school which is amazing and only a man with a big family understands what a blessing that is to parents with many children….

  1. Short concise explanations – clarity is important.
  2. Immediate practice – get them to practice it quickly and feedback.
  3. Rote learning memorizing, times tables, important facts. [Great examples given on the audio!]
  4. The sequence can make a difference. Start with the easiest stuff first, encourage success.
  5. Discovery and inquiring learning that is taught first by example.
  6. Puzzles and problem solving – a fun activity. Build interest.
  7. Parents – avoid frustration. Kids will avoid help, due.

Pat shares a mathematical trick – kids can learn as a parent to impress their kids.


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