MBFLP 103 – Special Needs Homeschooling – Hope and Help!

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MBFLP Special Needs HomeschoolingWe think homeschooling is a great choice for nearly everybody, but what about a family with special needs? Should an “uncertified” parent even think about teaching a special child? Or can they not only succeed but excel at home educating a student with health issues, or developmental delays, or academic gifts, or sensory processing challenges? Our special guests are Chris and Heather Laurie of Special Needs Homeschooling – they’re doing just that, and has a message of practical help and God-centered hope for families with special situations!


  1. i just started listening to your podcast. So far I am enjoying it. I am a Mother of a boy only family. i am 7 minutes into this podcast and can relate. I have dyslexia also a thyroid disease that might have been the cause of many other issues. I am learning i have sensory issues. i was public schooled and feel it failed me. I wanted to give my kids the education i didn’t have. My middle boy has a pdd-nos diagnosis. My oldest it color blind and we are going through testing because of writing issues. my youngest is in public school k. and there are already many problems some i knew about some i didn’t there might be some asd. listening to your podcast is helpful. it feels like a rollercoaster.

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