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The Christian homeschool world is in an uproar over the resent resignations of two influential leaders in the movement called “Patriarchy.” Does the Bible really teach the things we are hearing in these cases? Or does the Scripture say something quite different about the role of husband and father in a Biblically-focused family? This week, Hal and Melanie take a look at a number of critically important passages in search of the real balance!


  1. I have never heard of your show before, but needed something to listen to while I re-organized our school room. I feel compelled to write and tell you that this was EXCELLENT! I wish this kind of message was being taught more. It really is neglected, I think, and families truly suffer. So glad to hear some like minded people. 🙂

    • Hal and Melanie Young says

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Renee! I am so glad it was a blessing to you. It’s an issue we feel extremely strongly about.

      We’d be grateful if you’d help us spread the word about the show. 🙂

      Much love, Melanie

      • I already have! 🙂 I posted it on FB and emailed it to two people. 🙂
        I’d love to sit and have a good cup of coffee with you guys! I know I would be encouraged. Keep speaking the truth 🙂

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