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melanie wilsonPodcaster of The Homechool Sanity Show ~  Dr. Melanie Wilson

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Melanie Wilson is a wife, mother to six ,and happens to be a psychologist and author. She brings her expertise as a mom of a big family and a homeschool advocate to her podcast weekly. Melanie started with us two years ago and after one year, she took a break to finish writing an elementary language arts curriculum. The first level is finished and she is back! And back she is – weekly. Yea! You can get a sneak peek of the curriculum at

Have you listened to The Homeschool Sanity show? Others have and in the tens of thousands of downloads. This is a fabulous show and so informative. Melanie has made the choice to homeschool and shares her knowledge with all of you. You will learn so much, and I love her new show format. You will too!

How can you thank Melanie for all her hard work? Remember, this show is brought to you free and from the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsors – the best way is to Subscribe to her show! You can subscribe via iTunes… or any podcast app on your phone.

Melanie has authored a great book – “So You’re Not A Wonder Woman?”  about God’s power to transform women. Melanie’s account is actually directly related to what she, herself experienced.

Melanie’s Websites and links:


  • The Homeschool Sanity Show – Here
  • Psycho with 6 – Here

Facebook Page: Here

Pinterest: Here

YouTube Page: Here

Books: So You’re Not A Wonder Woman  and Grammar Galaxy

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