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memorization worksLet’s Talk About Why Memorization Works with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast 149

Don’t tell me – you have some preconceived ideas of what this podcast is all about – truthfully, I hated the idea of memorization and never required my children to do any memorization. But, memorization works! The first two children did plenty of hands-on learning, but they ended up memorizing things all on their own. My youngest three children were “subjected” to memorization and their skills improved beyond my expectations. (And, my expectations can be very high!) Join me as I discuss how memorization works and some ideas for getting started – also look at some of the resources and links below.

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Show Notes: Memorization Works!

Here is the train of thought out there …

  1. I believe kids will memorize – but things that are meaningful to them
  2. Kids will memorize due to repetition – for example playing video games, using the manual with video hacks
  3. Rote memory is important because it prepares them for higher learning later on
  4. Younger children should memorize because they are like sponges and their minds are easily adaptable to more information


So what do you do??

  1. Are you disciplined enough to encourage memorization?
  2. What works for you and your family?
  3. How do your kids do with memorization of facts?
  4. Why is it important for you to encourage your kids to memorize?

Resources with Links

1. What to memorize – here

2. Why we forget things – here

3. Rote Memory – Underrated or Overrated? – here

4. Stop Making Kids Memorize Math Facts – here

5. How Kids Memorize Facts – here


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