Overcoming Mental Fatigue

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Overcoming Mental Fatigue | The help you need to identify and combat mental fatigue | #homeschool #podcast #homeschoolpodcastOvercoming Mental Fatigue Episode 346

Feeling tired results in mental fatigue, causing you to feel anxious, forgetful and emotional. In this episode, we will discuss ways to overcome mental fatigue. And don’t miss the episode on Mommy Night Time Routines – listen here.

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Mental fatigue comes when we are overworked physically and mentally. Typical life for a homeschool mom involves so much! We clean, we cook, we work with the kids. We are overjoyed on the success of our children and follow them to lessons, and events. We even plan events and host endless get-togethers for birthday celebrations and the like.

Even with all the technology we have today instead of making our lives easier it becomes more complicated in some ways because it brings information into our homes (think Facebook here) that might cause us to worry or stress. And the pressure we put on ourselves! To succeed, to achieve, for our kids to succeed and achieve! Our schedules are busy, busy, busy. Sometimes it is difficult to think!

This becomes a vicious cycle and it can become a way of life if we are not careful. Many times we resort to coffee or caffeine to combat our tiredness which just continues the cycle. Having mental fatigue causes our thinking to be impulsive and we don’t really think things through!

Here is what causes the problem:

  1. Too much on our schedule.
  2. Never relaxing, keeping busy all the time.
  3. Overcommitting
  4. Your phone or other digital devices.
  5. Hurried meal times, eating standing up.
  6. Not enough sleep
  7. Not enough exercise


Here is how to break the cycle.

  1. Enjoy each moment – take the time to look around and appreciate your surroundings.
  2. Say no – stop overcommitting
  3. Pray – and then breathe! Taking deep breaths does help.
  4. Put down your phone
  5. Eat sitting down, enjoy your food.
  6. Get a good nights sleep – nightly routine
  7. Exercise even if it is just walking


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