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methods of Homeschooling | There are many methods of homeschooling. Are you ready for a homeschool mom quiz to determine the strengths you possess to educate your children? #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #homeschoolmethodsMethods of Homeschooling — Homeschool Mom Quiz – Episode 284

There are many methods of homeschooling. Are you ready for a homeschool mom quiz to determine the strengths you possess to educate your children? Like most of us, you may question whether you have the skill set to dive into the homeschool year, or you may have questions or reservations about what method to use when homeschooling your children. In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice will share her sage advice after logging in over 32 years of homeschooling her five children.

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People often have mixed opinions about quiz’s — either you like them or you don’t. In this episode, we will explore how this Homeschool Mom Quiz can help you with your homeschool year – no matter what time of the year you listen.

Methods of Homeschooling

In the many years of homeschooling, I’ve heard it all. The mom’s that have it together and need no advice and the mom’s that struggle to get through each day. I think I’ve been a mix of those moms and hopefully, at the end of this show, you’ll be able to figure out the best way to approach homeschooling for you and your family.  None of us set out to fail, in fact, we hope to do the best we can each and every day. We start out with great expectations and end up somewhere in where the wild things. If you are a homeschool mom, you’ve caught the analogy to two books, Great Expectations and Where the Wild Things Are … if it bothers you that the previous title ends in “are” you are a bonafide homeschool mom!

When we think of how we want to educate our children, we have to consider ourselves as well. This short podcast is not the place for and all-encompassing seminar in the home to homeschool, however, I think some of these ideas will help you.

Some of us enjoy learning alongside our children, others like to give the child an option of learning through play or give the child a book and have them learn what interests them. In looking at these approaches there are many things to consider. The goal, after all, is in the retention of the information?

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Methods of Homeschooling?
As I ask you these questions consider the answers:

  1. Are you interested in the big picture of learning or in the facts?
  2. Are you focused on the outcome so that someday your kids can go to a traditional or private school?
  3. Are you interested in teaching via the classics or the importance of Latin for vocabulary and grammar?
  4. Do you think kids learn better through play or experiential learning with a focus on what interests them?
  5. Or are you a combination of different techniques and methods?

These are important questions and ones that can really help you figure the methods of homeschooling you prefer and learn how you want to conduct your homeschool program.

Learning Styles – Important Knowledge when seeking the best Method of Homeschooling for your family.

Another important series of questions is how you learn and as you are considering this – think about how your children learn best? When they are younger it may take some observation to figure it out, but as they get older you will quickly identify what type of learner that they are. As with any list, you can see some crossovers.

  1. Kinesthetic/Tactile Hands-on — learn by doing, hard time sitting still, good at sports,
  2. Auditory: Listening – the person who doesn’t need to take notes and remembers, easily distracted, good listener, reading aloud work well
  3. Visual: You learn by seeing – if you hear the information you are the person who wants to write it down to remember it, you draw all over your notes or papers, study with flash cars
  4. Reading and Writing: You prefer to read your own information and learn it yourself. Make lists rewrite the information in your own words

Knowing how you learn best as well as your child will help you in gearing a curriculum that works well.

This quiz is only as good as the answers you give. I promise it will help you gain some clarity in the process of homeschooling along with some good information to help you decide on the best method or curriculum for your children.

Homeschool Moms Test

Listen to this podcast to hear the questions as well as the test results!

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