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Homeschool Head Start ~ Military Families ~Episode 475

How do homeschool military families do it? Here is a homeschool headstart for you even if you are not from a military family! If you want to give your child a head start in their educational journey, here is your chance. Surprise, surprise it isn’t all about academics, but you are a smart parent so I’m sure you already know this fact. The journey is not complete without an understanding of life skills such as making good decisions. In this podcast, I share some important information you won’t want to miss and bring along a very special guest, our own Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network’s Crystal Niehoff.

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  2. Military Homeschool Podcast with Crystal Niehoff

When we consider a head start it can mean different things to different people. In this instance I consider a head start a good way to begin the homeschool year. It means not getting behind and being prepared enough so that we as parents feel confident in our abilities to help our children achieve their best not only academically but also as mentally which includes spirituality, and in our case, Christian faith. Our military families have so much on their plate. Many moms or dads are homeschooling while dad or mom is away. Military families also move many times in the career of their spouses. Being flexible and ready are two of the traits these families work toward.

Are you a military family or do you know one? Now is a great time to invite a friend to this episode.

Military Families ~ Homeschool Families Head Start

Here are some of the points we discussed in this broadcast on homeschool head start – and military families:

  1. Dealing with discipline – and discipleship, training children from a young age to what is expected.
  2. Having a plan
  3. Giving our children time to think and explore their interests.
  4. Finding your tribe, and other homeschool families (important for military families especially).
  5. The benefits of homeschooling and keeping on track, helps you form a bond with your children
  6. Opens doors to learning opportunities such as field trips, sports, lessons, and delving into historic events at various locales for military families that move often.
  7. Having fun. Keep things moving but have special times for fun activities as a reward. Simple activities mentioned.
  8. Top priorities for the day. What are some of the things you want to accomplish personally and a list for your child as well?
  9. Heading off distractions. Give friends and family parameters of when they can contact you (or when you will answer calls or texts) that do not interrupt your day.
  10. Permission to stay at home. You do not need to volunteer or go to all activities. Pick those that are most relevant or beneficial for your family.

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