Military Family Chooses Homeschool and Public School

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Military Family Chooses Homeschool and Public SchoolEpisode #8- Military Family Chooses Homeschool and Public School

Today’s guest, Army chaplain’s wife and mom of seven, Jennie Mucher, talks about their family’s homeschooling journey and the decision to send their oldest son to public school.

Jennie’s first experience with homeschooling occurred when she was a teenager and was “adopted” into a community of homeschoolers who attended her church youth group. She felt she, too, would want to homeschool her own children one day.

When she did start homeschooling in 2009, she chose a curriculum based on what her neighbor used and because everything she needed was included in one package. However, their homeschooling style would change over the years to a more Classical Conversations/ Charlotte Mason/ eclectic approach that better suits her family’s preferences and learning styles. As a military family, the biggest benefit of homeschooling has been that the children have continuity. Jennie shares, “We don’t just do school together; we do life together.”

When their oldest son expressed his desire to attend public school, her husband was supportive and confident their son would do just fine. Jennie admits she was initially reluctant but recognized her son’s need for more peer interaction. Additionally, public school has allowed her athletic son to play the competitive team sports he enjoys. Gratefully, there were no issues with the school system accepting their homeschool records, and he was able to enroll on grade level.

In the meantime, Jennie’s younger children are happy to continue in their home education, and she sees the blessing of both public and home education for their family. When asked what advice she would like to pass on to parents considering homeschooling, she says, “Choose your hard.” She explains that it’s hard to homeschool and it’s hard to send your child to public school. “So I think you just have to ask God for wisdom and discernment for each child.”

Jennie Mucher is the wife of Kevin Mucher, an Army chaplain, who entered military service in 1991 and has served as a chaplain since 2007. They have 7 children. They will graduate their oldest  on June 12, 2022 and their youngest is 8 months old. They have been stationed at Fort Drum (‘07-‘10), JBLM (‘10-‘12), Eglin AFB (‘12-‘15), Fort Hood (‘16-‘19), and Fort Bliss (‘19-present). Jennie has been homeschooling since 2009.



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