How to Change Your Homeschool Habits This Year

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Hey homeschoolers!

Happy new year! As I speak, we have entered a new year. It’s the perfect time to consider making changes to our homeschools and our lives. I want to talk with you about how changing your habits can change your homeschool.

Change Your Habits; Change Your Homeschool #minihabits

But first I want to talk with you about an important change I am making to this podcast.

As most of you know, I am still homeschooling four children, a high school senior down to a sixth grader. I have two kids in college who require a surprising amount of my time, considering that they are adults out of the house. I am the author of Grammar Galaxy language arts curriculum. I spend a considerable amount of time managing the business side of Grammar Galaxy as well as writing new volumes.

Speaking of new volumes, I have been asked when people can expect volume 3 to be published. I have had to push back the release date several times and I am now comfortable with a release date of the end of February. If you want to be sure to take advantage of launch pricing that will be available at that time, be sure to subscribe to the Grammar Galaxy newsletter, which includes monthly mission calendars by going to I also write a weekly newsletter, sharing sanity savers I have recently come across. Going forward, I will share these sanity savers on my blog, without the time-sensitive resources and discount codes. To subscribe to the weekly sanity saver newsletter and get all the goods, go to

In addition to these homeschooling and business activities, I am an avid tennis player, scrapbooker, and a church volunteer. On top of all of that, my husband and I have a very active social life. So given all of these time demands, I am sure you will not be surprised when I say that I’m going to make a change to my podcasting schedule. For the time being I will be podcasting every other week. There will be some exceptions when I want to share some time-sensitive information with you, but cutting back on my broadcasting schedule will give me more time to devote to creating new content. In future broadcasts, I will give you details on what I’m creating that will be a huge sanity saver. I’ll even let you know how you can be a part of creating it!

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I’m excited to get my kids started on mini habits of musical practice, foreign language practice, and ACT study. I would love to hear what mini habits you choose and how it’s going for you.

You can change your homeschool one mini habit at a time!

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