Missing Key To Weight Loss

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key to weight loss | Do you exercise and struggle with weight loss? Are you looking for the missing key?Missing Key To Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast # 209

What is the missing key for weight loss? Do you exercise and struggle with weight loss? Are you looking for the missing key? Have you wondered how some marathon runners are still packing on the extra pounds? Maybe this is you – you work out and try really hard to watch the calorie intake and still you can’t shed those pounds. After doing much research I realize there is more to this than just exercise and diet. A whole lot more! Listen to find the missing key and start losing those pounds.

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Podcast Show Notes: The Missing Key To Weight Loss

  1. Extreme exercise mimics stress in the body
  2. High intensity workouts are not necessarily healthy
  3. Marathon runners and not necessarily the thinnest people if they have the wrong attitude toward food
  4. Exercise can wear our bodies down and increase insulin levels – this triggers inflammation
  5. Stress locks our body into survival mode – metabolism slows
  6. Food attitudes are very important
  7. Low to moderate intensity exercise for 20-30 minutes three or four times a week
  8. Best prescription for weight loss, health and fitness is moderation


Solutions to the missing key to weight loss:

  1. Avoid stress – if stressed find ways to handle it
  2. One thing
  3. Find exercise you enjoy
  4. Enjoy your food, sit and enjoy eating

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