Modesty – MBFLP 162

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One contentious question in the conservative wing of the church is modesty. What defines modesty? How should a modest spirit be expressed? The difficulty is that Scripture gives guidelines but no hemlines – and actually, appropriate dress and behavior will differ from one context or one culture to another. What’s more, it isn’t a women’s issue – men have their issues, too. This episode we have a lively discussion involving blue jeans, ladies in the tropics, swimming in long skirts, and the Old Order Amish. It’s all about making Biblical family life practical.

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  1. Cecily White says

    I wish that a written version of these podcasts could be made available. Sometimes I am quite intrigued by the description, but I just don’t have the time or inclination to listen to a show. Any possibility of transcripts or bullet points?
    Thank you.

    • mediaangels says

      Cecily – we’ve checked into the cost (I am the website owner) and it is so expensive. At this point because we offer our podcasts for free it is very difficult to include transcripts. We are looking into donation possiblities which will give us more funds for these type of things. It can cost around $1 per minute or more for accurate results – for one thirty minute podcast times four per month that can add up! But it is a great idea.

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