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Mommy Night Time Routines | Mommy Night Time Routines | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #help-sleepingMommy Night Time Routines Episode 347

Many people can’t sleep because they can’t still their minds. Mommy night time routines can help you wind down. These tips will help you to get a restful nights sleep.

In this episode, we will discuss why night time routines are good for you and ways to help you relax. This month is all about you moms – and I hope you’ve enjoyed this series.

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Why Mommy Night Time Routines:

  1. You don’t have to think. You are in autopilot.
  2. It can free your mind to think about other things, pray or even think about your next day.
  3. Repeating the pattern trains your body to get ready for bed.
  4. Make your unwind time a specific time. For example, put kids to bed, read for thirty minutes, soak in the tub, etc.

Things that interfere with a good nights sleep.

  1. Lights – clocks, red lights on TV, clocks, etc.
  2. Noise – is the room quiet?
  3. Limit or avoid electronics.
    1. The light from certain devices can affect your internal clock. Some phones have dimming lights for the screen.
    2. Takes valuable sleep time
    3. Can cause worry or stress – robbing you of sleep.
    4. Overstimulate your brain
    5. Caffeine or other stimulants such as black tea, energy drinks, etc.
    6. Alcohol – some people think it helps them fall asleep but it can interrupt deep sleep so you are less refreshed the next day.
    7. Sugary foods, spicy foods, or carbs.
    8. Overeating – being too full.

Mommy Night Times Routine — Things that help you to relax.

  1. Regular bedtime – this helps your body get use to winding down the same time each day – phones even have an app about this.
  2. Routine – which we are talking about. Set time, read, pray, drink a warm beverage, etc.
  3. Your bedroom – use it only for sleep, not reading even or watching TV. Good sleeping environment to sleep.
  4. Reading – in another room.
  5. Take a bath – soaking in a scented tub helps relax the body. Using Epsom salts helps to detox the body as well. Be sure it is not right before you go to bed, as the body might be too warm to relax.
  6. Drinking herbal teas or warm milk – there are properties in heated milk that help to relax the body. Add a drop of pure vanilla extract (avoid chocolate as it has caffeine.)
  7. Use a praise and thanksgiving journal – being thankful is helpful.
  8. If you can’t help thinking of things as you unwind, write it down. Use a book just for that.
  9. Sleep in a cooler environment – keeping the temperature down, if possible signals the body to start shutting down!
  10. Prayer! It helps to cause our bodies to relax.

Exercise and eating well — drinking plenty of water during the day. This will help with your mommy night time routines.

Routines can look like this – after the kids are in bed, you can kick off your shoes, take a bath. Afterward, your nightly routine can include brushing your teeth, facial routine, and then reading a book. Write in your Praise Journal and end the evening routine with prayer.

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