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mommy overloadWe’ve all been there – on the verge of mommy overload and with nowhere to turn. For many it is a time of tears and wondering what we did wrong. For others it is a time of shame, fear that we are not good enough, or don’t have what it takes to deal with this thing called homeschooling and managing a home life. No matter what you call it, “burn out,” “overload,” “stress,” “anxiety,” the end result is the same. Momma isn’t happy.

What is the solution? There are many and in the space of this post I want to cover the top three. These tips are very simple and come from being in the depths of despair when life seems to be spiraling out of control. I’m no a super-mom but I am a mom who tries super hard! So, when I try hard and it doesn’t pan out I am devastated. My husband always tells me not to get my “hopes up,” and I always think that is a ridiculous statement – until it turns out to be right!

So we live our life expecting things not to work out well – or do we live life with high expectations and hope for the best?

There is a happy medium and that is to look at life, each day as a gift from God, as  a “do-over,” as a “high expectations and PRAY for the best, God’s best!” The following are the ways I’ve coped with overload, these are times of death in the family, times of deadlines and not enough time, and times of kids who really need mom so everything else gets pushed to the side.

Ways to zap MOMMY overload before it happens to you:

  1. Stop, drop and pray.
  2. Be organized in at least one area of life.
  3. Gather the troops to help and divide and conquer.

Stop, drop and pray is pretty self-explanatory, however I want to add that praying on my knees is a deeper level of prayer. It makes me realize I’m not in control, that I am a servant to the Lord and a willing one at that, and I understand that God’s plans are always better than mine. He is ultimately in control of my life. Yes, I need to participate however I am not the boss. This takes a ton of pressure off of me!

Being organized in at least one area of my life is important to me, especially knowing that I have a backup plan, just in case. For me, that comes in the shape of meals, ready-to-go in the freezer. Yesterday this blessing came in the form of a large, freezer bag filled with barbecue pork from a roast I made a month ago. I was busy, planning for the upcoming family reunion and it was wonderful to pull out the meat, place it out to thaw and toss a salad and thaw out homemade rolls. Quick, easy and yummy! Freezer meals are prepared by doubling a recipe and are always there in time of need.

When I’m in mommy-overload mode, I gather the troops to help and divide and conquer. I have projects started as I’ve begun the huge undertaking of downsizing as my children graduate from homeschooling and head off to college or work. I began a project last summer and it was still in the process this summer! I asked my kids to help me to get rid of the books I could not part with and that my oldest daughter, who homeschools does not want or need. Sometimes it is helpful to have an impartial person helping, and my teens came to the rescue. Delegating isn’t easy for some of you and I realize it takes effort to stop and tell people what you need and at times, it appears easier to do it yourself. Judge the times that it is important to get help and make sure to take time out if you need it.

These three things have helped me in times of stress, and I am always looking for ways to improve – do you have any ideas or tips for me? Let me know!


  1. Great ideas! I would as starting my morning right with a good routine works wonders!

  2. Nicole Smith says

    This is a great article I loved the reminder that we are God’s servant

  3. Orilla Crider says

    This is an awesome article and last night was awesome! So many times we get so busy with the things we “have to do” that we forget the important things. I have found that finding a way to relax a few minutes after everyone goes to sleep with my Bible or a book I’m reading, always helps me be able to face the next day a lot better.

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