Do Moms Need A Night Out?

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Long, long ago when I was a young, whippersnapper, homeschool mom – I learned about this great thing called, “Mom’s Night Out”, and I was soooo excited! Wow, really? One night out with my friends? You mean I could talk to an adult, uninterrupted? No one asking for something to drink, or a diaper that needed to be changed? Now, there’s a thought. What a great idea, and it was a great time to get to know the other moms. Soon, deep friendships were forged. I had someone to share my thoughts, compare notes about homeschooling as well as find great tips about everything from maintaining a household to parenting.

However, I also recall those who were joining our homeschool group about five years later. They too were new homeschool families, with one difference. They had chosen private school over homeschool first, and then became disgruntled with policies and what the kids were learning. Deciding to homeschool was a big change for them in so many ways. The looks on their faces were priceless when Mom’s Night Out was mentioned. Seriously? They had every day without kids and now, the carrot was one evening free per month? Yes, this was going to be different, very different.

Fast forward many years later. Some moms are still at it and others, well, the day-to-day was too tough in many ways. There was no Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, online webinars, Facebook, or other sources of getting together and encouragement in those days. (Remember, I’ve homeschooled since 1986, and I’ve seen so many changes!)

Whatever you think about having a night free from kids, I know all of us, even the most dedicated homeschool types, can benefit from a break. I do enjoy a night away to chat about homeschool topics, family, juggling home and school, and getting dressed up! Maybe not as dressed up as the ladies in the hit movie or book -but, more than my home, play clothes. And, now we have our Mom’s night out immortalized on the silver screen and in a book, appropriately written by a homeschool mom, Tricia Goyer! I was purchasing the book on Amazon before I knew Tricia wrote it! How fun!

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I’ve been privileged to know Tricia for years. She has been such a blessing in so many ways to so many people. If you don’t know her, meet her here. She has an amazing story about God’s grace in her life, and gives hope to teens and moms of teens, who have perhaps not taken the right path. Hers is a story of redemption and how God can make crooked lines, straight! She has a wonderful ministry for parents and teens. Learn more about Tricia here.

As a homeschool mom of many, some adopted, Tricia makes the perfect person to write this book. She was approached last year in December, after the movie was created to write the novel based upon the movie. She watched it many times to get the flavor of the characters, as well as the storyline. She did a great job! Some of the characters mirror people I know, and if I’m truthful, I see some of myself in each of them. It truly hits home, for those of us especially who homeschool our children.

You will enjoy this interviewI did with Tricia here – be ready to laugh – she is so much fun! And – ready for this? The publisher is giving away three copies of the book to our listeners, so please visit our Giveaways page to earn a copy.


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