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Morning in the Mud with Keri Vasek and The Real Kathy LeeWhat a morning! Once a month, my sweet friend Keri Vasek opens her home up to mommas in the Houston area for a morning of togetherness and MUD! Yes, MUD! I wanted to see this event first hand so before I headed to the THSC conference in The Woodlands, I made a stop at Keri’s house to be a part of this epic event. It did not disappoint. I arrived as moms and kids were unloading out of their SUV’s and skipping into Keri’s house.

Once inside I smell lovely essential oils diffusing throughout her charming house and notice this inviting sign that offered clear directions to the necessities!

Coffee was the first thing on my agenda after an early flight from Atlanta. Sweet Keri had just the cup for me… A YOU’VE got this mug. The mud was ready and several children jumped right in. However, some children chose to participate in the many other activities Keri had to offer. Fly Guts, Instant Snow, Water Beads, Herbal Play Dough, and the many fun toys in the playroom. There was something for everyone and that was also true for the moms. There was coffee and PIE! There were quiet areas for nursing moms, a massage therapist available, and plenty of spaces to meet a new momma friend or catch up with an old one.

To add to the fun of this special day, I asked several of my friends to donate items for a giveaway! I have the BEST friends. Keri and I combined, had enough giveaways for every mom to go home with something! Thank you, thank you to the following:


Alesha at Lakeshore Learning

Jeff Preston at Discount School Supply

Holly at The Giles Frontier

Sam and Josiah at SD Smith – The Green Ember Series

Samantha at Raddish Kids

Classical Academic Press Purpose Coffee

Keri and DoTerra Oils

Michael and Jessica Somerville  with Tapestry of Grace

The Homegrown Preschooler

Kenyatta and Co.


So many great products given away to enhance the lives of little ones in Houston, TX!!!

Also, one of Keri’s dear friends (and mine too) brought her husband along to record an episode for their YouTube Channel. Check them out at Better Together Life on YouTube.

Keri, you are an inspiration! I pray that moms all over the world will grab on to this idea and invite others over for some Dirty, Messy, Noisy Work! Yes, there will be mud and a mess! More importantly, there will be memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

What a good day, a very good day!

Morning in the Mud with Keri Vasek and The Real Kathy Lee  



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