How To Homeschool During A Move Or Other Transition

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Hey, homeschoolers! Are you going to be moving soon? Or do you have another big life change on the horizon that could affect your homeschool? Then this episode is for you.
Before I introduce my guest, I have to say how often I’ve heard from families using Grammar Galaxy, that it’s an easy curriculum to grab and go and easy to use during and after a move. If your student can read the stories written at a strong third-grade level independently, grab the text. If not, play the audiobook version of the story in the car. Audio is currently available for volumes 1-3. Then just make sure you have a highlighter and a pencil for your guardian to complete the steps in the mission manual. To try Grammar Galaxy for free, go to

Katie Trent

Now for my interview with Katie Trent. Katie is the author of Dishing Up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families and a leader in the Christian homeschool community outside Phoenix, Arizona. She draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience from over a deacde of counseling as an LCSW, ministry, and church planting. She equips women to grow their faith, strengthen their family, and simplify their homeschool. I think you’ll be inspired by our discussion of how to homeschool during a move and other transitions.

Resources for How to Homeschool During a Move

KatieJTrent.comTriumph in TransitionWinds of Change Virtual Workshop Find Katie on Facebook and Instagram. Join me next time as we talk about how to redeem your time and make the most of every moment as a homeschool mom. Have a happy homeschool week!

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