The Multiply Add Game with Mr. D

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Podcast 27

Another fun math game Mr. D made up to play with your children that is a HUGE support for high school math and more.  When Mr. D tells his students “It’s Time to Play the Game”, they know it is the multiply add game which means they are about to factor a quadratic equation! Now you can play the game with having to deal with a quadratic equation! The multiply add game will help your children discover relationships between numbers and multiplication facts.  Having trouble remembering times tables?  This game can help.  Do you want to introduce the idea of negative numbers?  This game will help.  Do you want you children to be great at factoring when they get to Algebra I through Calculus?  This game is a MUST!  It’s quick, easy to play and completely fun!  You will be able to make up as many multiply add questions as you need and of course, Mr. D has practice for you too!

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