My Kid Wants to Play College Sports

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College SportsLet’s Talk About….Sports! My Kid Wants to Play College Sports!

So, your kid wants to play college sports – wow, now what? Did you know there are great opportunities out there to be recognized? I didn’t and so I went about it the hard way. I learned that the people who I thought would be the most help, really were not. No one cares about your children as much as you do – and in this podcast I’ll give you some ways to get started.

Part One is here – “Help, My Kids Play Sports!’

Show Notes – My kid wants to play college sports:

1. You – Your Child’s Advocate

You are the best advocate

Playing for high school teams, or on a travel team

Learn about your resources – other team parents, coach, online sources

2. Goals & Focus:

High school teams? Travel teams? Local or cross states? Showcase teams? Tournaments? Recruiting showcases?

Playing in Highschool – Athletic Association for your state:

Search under your state and the keywords “athletic association for ….”

Florida Athletic Association 

3. College Recruiting

Research colleges – do they have your sport and major?

Contact coaches once you have a website or stats info to send them.

Create your own website or have a professional website created

Podcast about sports website here

Websites To Consider: [This is not an endorsement]

Baseball Factory – Link Here

Softball Factory – Link Here

NCSA – Link Here

Good info and timeline here (a bit dated on some advice)

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