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national homeschool day | Celebrate homeschooling with a national day. #podcast #homeschoolpodcastNational Homeschool Day Episode 331

The National Homeschool Day is an annual event that helps bring parents together.

The main information deals with reaching the hearts and homes of homeschool parents.

National homeschool day focuses on welcoming homeschool leaders and learners

Online streaming event with talks that are prerecorded so you can listen on your time. You can visit NationalHomeschoolDay and register to participate. You can listen to these on your time.

This year it will land on Feb. 23, and next year the dates may change.

Homeschool Dad Media is dedicated to helping homeschool dads connect, share, and encourage one another through new media initiatives across America and around the globe. Welcome to a homeschool resource for dads, by dads!
Homeschool Dad Media:
National Homeschool Day is an annual celebration of faith and family. Biblical Worldview Learning Centers across our footprint welcome homeschool leaders and homeschool learners on this special day tailored for parents and youth to help them better understand how they can incorporate their local, faith-affirming resources into their home education.
National Homeschool Day: 
The Culture & His Kingdom Topics (for The International Association for Creation)

1. Equipping our persecuted family in the 10/40 window! Hear from Steven on how God is advancing the Gospel daily in hostile nations around the world.
2. Where can I go in my local community to learn creation? Steven will help you easily find local creation tours in your neighborhood and resources that you can use on a daily basis.
3. Using museums in your homeschooling. Science can be easy to teach and fit into any schedule, learn how as Steven shares his homeschool experience.
4. Celebrate faith and family during National Homeschool Day! We hope you can join us for this special day. (

BONUS: We can talk about the necessity of encouraging and equipping homeschool dads with HDM.

Intro Video about The International Association for Creation for International Conference on Creationism 2018:

BIOSteven‘s professional life takes him on journeys throughout the world as Founder/COO of The International Association for Creation. The International Association for Creation is a global umbrella organization serving biblical worldview museums and ministries. Steven and his team provide strategic guidance, logistics management, and tactical support to thousands of leaders around the world. Steven founded the ministry in 2012, simply by praying with a friend at his local church for a creation science museum on the other side of the continent, since then God has continued to bless their team’s work in all corners of the world.  Additionally, Steven is the Founder/Managing Director of Homeschool Dad Media which helps homeschool dads connect, share, and encourage one another.

Steven lives in Orlando, Florida and has spent over two decades helping transform his community while impacting the world for the cause of Christ, including a high-profile career at the United States House of Representatives in Washington, DC.

“At age four, I learned that God created the universe and all it contains in six days, plus that I needed Jesus to rescue me from my sins. Then at age fifteen, I learned that I needed a relationship with Jesus. That is when He turned my head-knowledge into heart-knowledge… Jesus is so very generous, He can give you a new heart, too! Today, Jesus continues to conform me more into His likeness each and every day. I look forward to sharing in this adventure with you!” –Steven

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