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New Year Memory Book ~ Episode 419

Want to remember all of those great memories? You can with a new year memory book your kids create. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it can hold those treasures that are priceless!

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This is another show that is Just For Kids – so get your kids and get ready to make some memories!

Okay kids I want to ask you a question – what was your favorite Christmas gift this past year. Okay, now what was your favorite birthday present this year. What about the year before? What about two years ago? See my point? We can sometimes remember things from the past, especially presents we receive but often we can’t remember those really important memories like the times we spend with our families on a nature walk, or a backyard picnic or maybe building a fort in the living room with sheets and towels. These are things that are fun to look back on and remember those good times.

Why do we like to remember good times? Because sometimes we are sad and we think that everything is going wrong. We all have days like that when we are feeling like we just want to go to bed an have a “do over” the next day. But, when we keep a journal, or a memory book and write or draw some of the things that are special that happen during the year we can go back and revisit and remember those good times.

How do you make a memory book?

  1. You can use a notebook with lines.
  2. You can take blank pieces of paper and staple or glue them together.
  3. You can use a notebook with plastic slip sheets to preserve pages that have fun things you might find in nature.
  4. You can use pages you create on a word processor such as a publishing program or maybe – you can get a free account and try it out, and you can make all kinds of pretty graphics and things with their free templates.

What are some things you can put in your memory book?

  1. You can put in field trips that were fun or special.
  2. You can add things you find that are special – for example, my kids use to find snakeskins and wanted to put them in slip sheets – I still find them to this day whenever I’m cleaning out old files, and they are still as new as the day they found them long ago.
  3. You can add pictures you draw or have taken with a camera and print them out. SO many people leave things on a phone or camera that it is fun to have pictures that are printed.
  4. You can add special journal entries about special things that happen, or school papers you’d like to save like a story.

Have you thought about the things that are special to you? What are some things you’d like to remember? Do you know I still have a small autograph memory book from when I was younger? In this book I had things like the names of my friends and even their signatures. Autograph books were fun in those days and we would go around asking people to sign our books. One of my friends put in a rhyme when she learned I was moving to Canada. It said, “May our friendship last until America drinks Canada Dry.” Canada Dry was the name of soda pop! Yes, I did live in Canada from third grade to sixth grade. But we moved back to the United States when I entered the seventh grade. It is fun for me, even as an adult to have something from my childhood.

What would you like to write about in your memory book. Maybe you like the idea of an autograph book and want to start one of those. For those of you who don’t like to write, remember you can draw or take pictures to make this memory special.

Whatever it is, make it unique. How can you do this? Well, one way is with an online service. I saw a memory book that was pictures people uploaded on a website and had it printed into a book. It was a gift to a grandparent and it was a wonderful gift. So, maybe you want to use some of the things in your memory book as a gift to a grandparent or even one of your parents. Have fun with this and enjoy the memories you make with your family. Each family is special and unique and I hope you put an effort to get along with your siblings and listen to your parents!
Thanks for joining me today and I’d love to hear how you are sharing your memories with your family and friends!


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