New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve Family Fun Episode 318

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to make resolutions for the new year and share them with your family. In this episode, we explore ways to make New Year’s Eve memorable.

New Year’s Eve is associated with parties and festivities but with family, the ideas will be more in keeping with what really matters! With New Years Day approaching it is fun to make a New Year’s Resolution and prepare with your children ahead of time.

  • Help children think about New Year’s Resolution. Talk about character qualities but don’t point out flaws.
  • Share what you will resolve
  • For example: pray what you will resolve, acts of service, etc.

Food & Things To Do:

  • Think light foods – finger foods and snacks
  • Game Day — play board games or outdoor games if time permits.
  • Read: read aloud books
  • Walk
  • Call relatives – use visual
  • Bake/ prepare for New Year’s Day meal
  • Movie
  • Light dinner, pizza or a tray of snack foods
  • Countdown to the New Years Day!


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