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no more SAT testsLet’s Talk to Jean Burke about “No More SAT Tests!”

Podcast #18

What’s this? No More SAT Tests? Did you hear this right? I ask Jean Burke, the author and founder of College Prep Genius if she believes the SAT is a test of the past. Come listen to what she has to say.

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Show Notes – No More SAT Tests

  1. Out of approximately 45,000+ colleges a small portion do not require a SAT or ACT test score.
  2. 95% of Colleges require standardized entrance scores – college board or their own.
  3. Colleges collect data and scholarships and entrance is based on scores as likely to do well.
  4. There are exceptions to every rule.
  5. What is the test optional score
  6. Fine Print
  7. Logic
  8. Is testing discriminating to lower socioeconomic classes?
  9. Free waivers to take the test are available
  10. Pick up test booklets with sample tests – look for the patterns

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